Record setting year!

These pictures are just a couple of examples of the amazing fishing successes our guests have had this season.

Gil Rossong's 34" walleye caught this fall is the largest Walleye on record ever caught on Sasaginnigak Lake. We could not be more thrilled! This beats out the previous Sas master Walleye of 32.5" caught by Jon Van Bergen of Minnesota from 2010. This catch gives Gil an overall master angler ranking of 11 for Walleye caught in Manitoba.

Greg Prairie's beautiful Northern is the 2nd largest Northern ever caught on Sasaginnigak, just shy of beating out the all time Sas record of Lee Schwan's 51" from May 1998.

Whether you get excited about the chance of catching a master, or just love the thrill of catching lots and lots of fish, Sas is a great place to drop your line in the water. To see more great fish pictures from this season please visit our facebook page. And if you haven't sent us your pictures from this year yet, please do. We will post them on our facebook page over the winter and showcase some of the best on our website. No worries, we'll do the bragging for you!


We started off the season with a bang, with Greg Prairie of Wisconsin catching this beauty on May 21st - a 50" master  Northern!

A great way to close out the season! Here is Gil Rossong of Manitoba with his master angler Walleye at 34" in length, caught on September 16th!


Sas Lodge Blog #1 April 25, 2014

Welcome to our new Sas Lodge website! We are so excited for you to have a chance to look around and find some new and interesting things, or at least see what you already know in a bright, clean and easy-to-navigate platform.

Some of the new features include a lengthy FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, a calendar for the season, listing of annual master angler awards from our lakes and great photo galleries. You also have the ability to send us your reservation request through an on-line form, or just send us a question through our contact us page. No matter how you get in touch with us, we love to hear from you!


  Most of our guests plan their return trips as they’re leaving the lodge, book their space tentatively, and call us to confirm shortly thereafter.


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New Cabins!

  No one likes a bragger, but we are extremely proud of the two new cabins we have just recently opened.

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