Catch & Release

Maintaining a healthy fishery is of high importance to us. Our lakes (except for Charron) are High Quality Management Waters which means that they have reduced possession and size limits to protect and maintain high quality fisheries. Conservation limits must be adhered to for these lakes. In addition we request that while you may eat fish while staying with us, please do not take any fish home with you.

Please see the provincial fishing guide for full fishing regulations (we are under Northeast Division).

Catch & Release Tips

  • Play your fish as little as possible.
  • Return it to the water quickly.
  • Don’t hold it by the eyes or gills.
  • Don’t squeeze its belly.
  • Never release fish that have been held on a stringer.

These conservation methods will help ensure a healthy fishery for future generations.


  Most of our guests plan their return trips as they’re leaving the lodge, book their space tentatively, and call us to confirm shortly thereafter.


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  No one likes a bragger, but we are extremely proud of the two new cabins we have just recently opened.

Tamarack Ridge | Super Six

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