Non-Guided Fishing

When it comes to fishing on a remote lake, we want your experience to be just what you want it to be. We want you to be able to choose the times you come and go and to fish as much or as little as you please. Non-guided fishing is in one of the reasons we describe our lodge as the “the lodge that’s not a lodge”. But never worry that un-guided means unsupported. Our lakes are easily navigated. Any help or instruction you need is available when the pilot drops you off at the Outcamp or from our staff at Sas.


If this is your first time running your own boat and outboard motor, you will be shown everything you need to know. We have maps of the lake for you and we will point out some spots to try. Every evening your boats are cleaned and fuel tanks filled (and during the day as needed). We want you to be safe and enjoy your time on the water!

The non-guided fishing experience has always been the norm at our lodge and our guests have had great success again and again! We feel confident that you will get more enjoyment from your trip by planning your own routes, and having privacy and freedom during your stay with us.



  Most of our guests plan their return trips as they’re leaving the lodge, book their space tentatively, and call us to confirm shortly thereafter.


Early Bird Special

Make a new booking in May and you may receive our ‘early bird’ rate!


New Cabins!

  No one likes a bragger, but we are extremely proud of the two new cabins we have just recently opened.

Tamarack Ridge | Super Six

Summer Specials

  Ask us about our summer special rates beginning July 7th


  We have both print and digital versions of our maps, brochures, newsletters and rates for your viewing convenience. 

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Apisko Lake
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Charron Lake    
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N51.37.74   W96.01.34

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