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If you want big – we got big! Charron Lake is arguably the largest outcamp lake in the province of Manitoba. It is also a rare deep lake as it was created by a meteor thousands of years ago. As meteor lakes go, Charron too has amazing crystal clear water. With one large area of water you have a great amount of shoreline, and on the south end of the lake where the camp is, you have many smaller areas of water between islands. No matter what the wind, you will have plenty of options. 

A large open body of water with depths up to 200 feet is fringed with smaller areas of water providing a vast choice of fishing spots. The main shoreline totals over 150 miles with islands and reefs where Northern, Walleye and Lake Trout can be found!


  Most of our guests plan their return trips as they’re leaving the lodge, book their space tentatively, and call us to confirm shortly thereafter.


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New Cabins!

  No one likes a bragger, but we are extremely proud of the two new cabins we have just recently opened.

Tamarack Ridge | Super Six

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  Ask us about our summer special rates beginning July 7th


  We have both print and digital versions of our maps, brochures, newsletters and rates for your viewing convenience. 

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