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New Executive Cabins:

Tamarack Ridge Cabin

3 days: Tuesday, July 1st  to Thursday, July 3rd      for $670  *Exceptional value!

5 days: Monday, July 7th to Friday, July 11th           for $975

3 days: Saturday, July 12th to Monday, July 14th     for $745

Super Six Cabin

5 days: Monday, July 7th to Friday, July 11th            for $975

5 days: Saturday, July 12th to Wednesday, July 16th for $975

SAVE up to $650 per person!


Deluxe Cabins:

Master Angler Cabin

7 days: Friday, June 27th to Thursday, July 3rd                    for $925  * Best deal of the year!             

3 days: Monday, July 7th to Wednesday, July 9th                 for $625

3 days + from July Thursday, 17th on                                 from $625

Edgewater Cabin

5 days: Saturday, June 28th to Wednesday, July 2nd           for $775

6 days: Thursday, July 3rd to Tuesday, July 8th                   for $775  *price of 5 days!

2 days: Wednesday, July 16th to Thursday, July 17th           for $500

Hillcrest Cabin

3 days: Sunday, June 29th to Tuesday, July 1st                   for $625

4 days: Saturday, July 5th to Tuesday, July 8th                    for $625  *price of 3 days!

4 days: Wednesday, July 9th to Saturday, July 12th              for $625  *price of 3 days!

5 days: Sunday, July 13th to Thursday, July 17th                  for $775

SAVE up to $910 per person!

All prices are per person and include airfare!

June 2014

Fishing is Fantastic!

We are so pleased to have our 2014 season off to such an amazing start! It was a bit of a stressful start with a long, cold spring and very slow melt. The ice was off the lake the latest we’ve ever seen (May 19th) and this was one of those years where the staff were going in to open camp on the same day the first guests were arriving! We are happy to report that even with the late opening every group got in to get some fishing done, though some had to wiggle their dates, or in some cases fish a different lake than what they had originally booked. In the end everyone was more than pleased. If there is one general rule, late ice off means great fishing!

To prove the extent to which the fishing has been great, let me present you with a picture of our most incredible catch in almost the last two decades - a 50” Northern Pike! This fish was caught and released on Sasaginnigak Lake by Greg Prairie on May 22nd! Greg is part of the Korkowski group. I have been told that “it all started” with Vince Korkowski coming to Sas for the first time in 1964 after seeing a tiny ad in Sports Afield.  Over the years the Korkowski groups (as there are many) have been a mix of fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends. This family must definitely be the guests who have been coming to fish Sas longer than anyone else.  This was Greg’s sixth trip to Sas and I would bet that he will be back again J!


The all-time record Northern Pike caught at Sasaginnigak was on May 22, 1998. It was 51” and caught by Lee Schwan of North Dakota. This fish has a 15th spot ranking in all of Manitoba for largest Northern caught! (Don’t forget that the largest Northern ever recorded in Manitoba was caught at our Apisko Lake Outcamp – 60.5 “ by Gary Weber of Minnesota in May 2004!)

Here are a few more pictures of some of the great catches, and great excitement, some of our guests have had over our first few weeks of the season!


Happy fishing,



  Most of our guests plan their return trips as they’re leaving the lodge, book their space tentatively, and call us to confirm shortly thereafter.


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Make a new booking in May and you may receive our ‘early bird’ rate!


New Cabins!

  No one likes a bragger, but we are extremely proud of the two new cabins we have just recently opened.

Tamarack Ridge | Super Six

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  Ask us about our summer special rates beginning July 7th


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