Where is the lodge located?

We are located in Manitoba, Canada. The lodge is located in the middle of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park which runs from the east edge of Lake Winnipeg to the Ontario border. The Outcamp lakes are located outside of the park. All are in the north-eastern area of Manitoba.


Where do you fly from?

We operate our year round air service, Northway Aviation Ltd., from the St. Andrews Airport, just 10 minutes north of the city of Winnipeg.


How do I get to St. Andrews Airport?

If you are arriving by air into Winnipeg International Airport we can arrange to pick you up with our complimentary passenger van service. If you are driving up please see our website which provides a map and directions to our office. Free parking is available.


When is the lodge open?

Sas Lodge and Kesch Lake Outcamp are open from early May until the middle of September. The exact opening and closing dates can be found on the current year rate sheet. Charron and Apisko Outcamps will open about 10 days later than Sas as the ice goes off these lakes later because of their location further north.


Is it safe to drink the water? Where does the water come from?

The water in your cabin comes from the lake. It is pumped from the lake and is filtered. It is not-treated. The water is considered NON-POTABLE and should not be used for drinking or cooking without being boiled first. Water treatment tablets can also be used. You can bring bottled water with you but be aware it is considered as part of your overall baggage weight.


Are we allowed to bring pets? 

Yes, but they must be kenneled for the flights and under your control at all times.  You will be responsible for any & all damages incurred.


Since you have Wi-Fi, do you have a computer available for customers to use?

No, we do not provide any computers for customer use as most people have their own laptops, iPads, or smart phones that they are welcome to bring with them if they choose.


Is there cell service? 

No, there are no cell towers anywhere near any of the camps, so no cell phone service is available. There is no land-line telephone service either. We have satellite phones at all camps for EMERGENCY use only.


Can we have an open fire for shore lunch or a bonfire in the evening?

Open fires are prohibited from April 1 – November 15. Every year many acres of valuable forest are lost due to unattended open fires. The rules are very strict for open fires as the risk of forest fire is great in our area. The results of a forest fire would be devastating for us for decades. We are in a very remote area with very little fire suppression support. We would be given very low priority of support in a busy fire season. Please only use an approved camp stove if you wish to have a shore lunch.


Do you sell groceries at the store at the lodge so we can buy there rather than bring with us?

No, our “store” at the lodge only sells fishing licenses, frozen minnows, and a small variety of fishing tackle and snacks. However, we do offer a grocery purchase service for a fee. If you send us a specific grocery list for food, beverages and or liquor we can pick it up before your trip and have it ready on your departure day. Alternatively if you are flying into Winnipeg and being picked up by our free passenger van shuttle, the van can take you to a nearby supermarket to purchase your groceries before you are brought to St. Andrews. Please inquire when you make your reservation.


Are your rates in Canadian or US dollars?

All of our rates are in Canadian dollars.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (Canadian or US), Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You may also pay by US cheque in US dollars (only if you are sending a deposit or pre-paying the balance of your trip) but please call ahead for our current exchange rate.


Do I have to tip the staff?

Gratuities are never expected, but are certainly appreciated. If you wish to tip by all means do so, based on the level of service you have received. Tips can be given directly to individual staff or pilots. Tips may also be left with our office staff in St. Andrews at the end of your trip and will be divided equally among the lodge staff, or to certain individuals as you request.


Is any portion of the taxes we pay refundable?

There is a rebate form available for NON-CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY online to claim 50% of the GST.  There is no refund on the PST, and no refunds at all for Canadian citizens. The link is or you can ask Bonnie for a print copy when you are heading home from your trip. 


Do you offer any American Plan packages?

No, we do not.  All groups, at all camps, provide their own food & do their own cooking & housekeeping.


Is there a damage deposit?

No we do not charge a damage deposit. However under such circumstances that equipment or furnishings have been damaged or ruined due to neglect or mis-use, we will assess a service fee or replacement cost of the items and bill the head of your group.


What do I do if  I am interested in applying for a job at the lodge?

Please complete our contact us form expressing the type of job you are interested in. We will reply to you and provide you with an email address to send your resume to.



Who provides flights to your lakes?

Flights are provided by Northway Aviation which is jointly owned and operated with Sasa-Ginni-Gak Lodge.


Can I choose my flight departure time?

You will be notified of your exact departure time specific to your group. Flights depart from St. Andrews airport and guests must arrive a minimum of one hour before their given departure time. Northway Aviation runs a daily scheduled service airline and any delays to our morning charters to the lodge will delay many people through-out the day. Groups arriving past the one hour cutoff time may have to wait until the end of the day to be flown to their destination.


What time are the flights to and from the Lodge or Outcamp lake?

Generally all flights depart at 5:00 each morning. The only exception is flights to Apisko which depart around 4:30 pm.


How much baggage weight are we allowed?

You are allowed 100lbs per person at no charge for all of our lakes. If there is 4 people in your group you are allowed a combined weight of 400 lbs. Excess baggage rates are charged at $0.75 for Sas Lodge and $0.90 for Apisko, Charron or Kesch Lakes. If all of your gear does not fit on the aircraft you may be assessed charter rates if an extra flight is required to bring all of your gear to camp. See our pack smart tips here: Pack Smart Tips


If we stay for more days/have more people in our group, do we get more allowable baggage?

 No, regardless of number of days or number of people, the allowable baggage weight remains the same – 100 lbs per person. 


How much carry-on baggage is allowed on the plane?

Carry-on baggage is not allowed on any of our flights. Due to Transport Canada safety regulations all bags must be stowed in a secure area (behind the cargo net at the back of the aircraft or in the float compartments). If you have fragile items please ask them to be labelled “Fragile” when you bring your gear into the hangar to be weighed when you arrive. If you are carrying items such as a laptop you can ask the pilot to load it on the aircraft last/at the time of boarding.


Do we have to pay excess baggage if we bring back more from camp than our allowable weight limit?

No, but you should only be bringing back the basics – your personal items, fishing gear.  You should plan to only be taking as many consumables with you as you will need for your stay and not be bringing excessive amounts of food or beverages back on your return flight as we plan those flights based on assuming only your personal gear weight. You are welcome to leave leftover food and beverages with the staff at the lodge. Please do not leave any perishable food at the Outcamps, as there may not be another group arriving when you leave.





Do we need a fishing license?

Yes, if you plan to fish, you need a fishing license. We can sell you one at the lodge or at St. Andrews before you depart. The Department of Conservation does visit our lake and check for licenses, as well as other things like number of fish in your possession, barbed hooks, fish kept over limit sizes, etc


Do we need to purchase our fishing licenses somewhere before we get to your base?

You can, if you want to, but we do have all types of fishing licenses available at our base at St. Andrews, and also at Sas Lodge.  Or you can order them ahead of time directly from Manitoba Fisheries. or call 1-800-214-6497.


What are the fish limits?

  • Sasa-ginni-gak Lake, Apisko Lake and Kesch Lake are all Conservation Lakes.  Charron Lake is not.
  • There are two types of fishing licenses – Regular  and  Conservation
  • Regular License allows 6 Northern, 6 Walleye, 2 Lake Trout
  • Conservation License allows 4 Northern, 4 Walleye, 1 Lake Trout
  • You can use either type of license for either type of lake but must adhere to the lesser limit in either case.
  • i.e. You are fishing at Charron Lake which does not have conservation rules. From this lake you can take full limits, but only if you have a Regular license. If you have a Conservation License you can still fish at Charron but can only take conservation limits.
  • Please consult The Manitoba Anglers Guide ( for all the rules and regulations for fishing in the province of Manitoba.  Sas, Kesch and Apisko are all Conservation lakes, but we STRONGLY encourage Catch & Release fishing at all of our camps.  Take your limit for shore lunch or dinner, but don’t take any home! 


Do kids need a fishing license?

Kids do not require a fishing license if they are fishing with an adult who has a license. But the adult and child fishing on that license are only allowed the one limit for that license.


Is the boat gas included, or do we pay extra for that?

The boat fuel cost is included in the accommodation rate.


Do you supply depth/fish finders?



Do you have guides available at Sas?



What types of fish are at the lakes? 

 All three lakes are predominantly Walleye and Northern Pike, but there are also Perch, and Charron Lake has Lake Trout as well.





What do we need to bring?


If we have less people in our group than the cabin accommodates, will we have to share the cabins with strangers so you can fill the cabin?

No, your group will be the only ones in your cabin(s).


What if we have more people than the cabin can hold?

If you are booked at one of the outcamps (Kesch, Apisko, Charron) then we can only accommodate as many people as we are licensed for at each individual camp, so you cannot have extra people sleep on the floor or couches or air mattresses.  If you are booked at Sas, because we have a number of cabins, we are usually able to accommodate any size of group by adding as many extra cabins as necessary depending on availability for your dates.



Outcamps FAQ 

What if we have trouble with one of our boats or motors?

We provide a spare boat and motor at all outcamps. If the cabin sleeps 8, we assume you will use 4 boats. A fifth boat and outboard are on shore at the lodge if you need to switch either out. If you do encounter problems please be sure to tell the pilot when you are picked up so they can look after the issue for the next group of guests.


What if we have an emergency during our stay?

All outcamps are provided with a satellite telephone. The phone is for emergency use only. Instructions are provided on how to use the phone. Contact numbers for our office and direct number to our Outcamp Manager are also provided. For non-urgent emergencies wi-fi is also active at the lodge so guests can use their smart phones, tablets or laptops to send us an email.


I read that the Outcamps are solar powered with back-up generator.  What voltage does it operate on?

A: 120 volts


Do we need instructions on how to operate the solar power or generator?

No. The system is set up to operate without anyone having to do anything. When you walk in the door you can turn on the lights and plug in your depth finder to charge. The system is monitored from our main office by internet. In fact, if you touch it, the odds are you will cause it to stop working properly. The Outcamp manager is always available to contact using the satellite phone or email using the camp Wi-Fi if needed.


We know we have to bring sleeping bags for the Outcamps, but are there pillows or blankets there that we can use?

No, we do not provide ANY bedding or towels at the Outcamps, so there are no pillows or blankets. Please also bring your own towels.


What appliances or cooking equipment is there at the Outcamps?

Each camp has a full size fridge, chest freezer, propane stove with oven and coffee maker. Outside there are a propane barbecue and outdoor deep fryer (we supply the oil).


What about ice?

We supply bagged ice at the camps.


What other other supplies should we bring?

Paper towels, toilet paper, salt, pepper, dish soap, tea towels, dish cloths.


Do you have bait?

Please ask for bait before arriving at St. Andrews for your flight departing to the Outcamp. We sell frozen minnows but at certain times of the year have a hard time sourcing them. Please ask ahead of time.


Do you provide life jackets? Landing nets?

We supply size L and XL life jackets. If you need a different size, please bring it with you. We also supply landing nets.


Do you provide a grocery package?

If you wish you can send us a grocery list ahead of your trip and we can shop for your groceries and have them waiting at St. Andrews upon your arrival. There is a small fee charged for this. Alternatively if you are flying into Winnipeg and being picked up by our free passenger van shuttle, the van can take you to a nearby supermarket to purchase your groceries before you are brought to St. Andrews. Please inquire when you make your reservation.


What are we required to do before we leave the Outcamp?

There may or may not be guests arriving when you leave. Please do not leave any food or garbage behind that will smell, spoil or attract bears. Please make sure the boats are securely docked and tied. Ensure the cabin is as clean, or cleaner, than when you arrived – tidy up, sweep, wash all dishes, bring all garbage out with you.




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