Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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SAS News

New outcamp at Charron Lake! Come out and enjoy some incredible Lake Trout fishing!!!

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The Experience


A remote wilderness lake in a protected pristine environment with no other camps on it.
A lake that is easily navigable and offers a great variety of fishing spots for everyone from the hard-core to the first-time fisherman.
14 foot aluminum boats with newly leased 8hp 4-stroke outboards, one boat per every two guests.
Comfortable cabins with all the bedding and towels provided and well equipped kitchens.

Sasaginnigak Lake

The native word Sasaginnigak means "many ways to go" and is a fitting name for a lake with over 100 islands. These islands combine to create over 177 miles of fishable shoreline, so there is no shortage of choices to try find that next "hot spot". For your fishing enjoyment Sasaginnigak Lake offers over 8600 surface acres of water, fitting roughly into an 8 mile by 8 mile area. Part of the Bloodvein River system, there is one river flowing in and two flowing out of the lake. Underwater structure ranges from rock reefs, drop-offs, shallow weedy bays and open deep water. The depth ranges from 50 to 150 feet. The water is a clear whiskey colour which prevents the water temperature from increasing during the hot mid-summer which allows continued strong fishing all season long.

Sasaginnigak Lake is a High-Quality Management Lake with conservation limits. This means you are allowed no more than 4 walleye and 4 northern. Walleye over 55cm (22 inches) and northern over 75cm (30 inches) must be released. Barbless hooks must be used. No live bait is allowed. Please see the Angler's Guide (available when you purchase your fishing license) for more information on Manitoba fishing regulations. Please help us support a healthy fishery by using catch & release safe handling methods and keeping only what you will eat.

Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park

We are the heart of Atikaki. Atikaki preserves prime Canadian Shield, a geographic area renowned for incredible nature, wildlife habitat, amazing fishing and is of native cultural significance. The terrain and physical geography that make this part of Canada inaccessible for development are the exact same reasons that make it incredibly pristine and predominantly undisturbed by man. With the protection of Atikaki, Sasaginnigak will remain the way it is for generations to come.


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Fishing. A remote wilderness lake in a protected pristine environment with no other camps on it.

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Accommodations The accommodations at Sas are comprised of an assortment of ten cabins.

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Fishing at an outcamp lake, for many, is the ultimate fly-in fishing experience.

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